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Out Turn To Talk z-Chat

ZChat is Our Turn to Talk’s community membership program where you can engage with other teens who strive to prioritize their mental well-being and that of those around them. 


The more you watch, listen, and do, the more access to exclusive content and experiences you can unlock!

  • Exclusive conversations with Impact Champions such as athletes, entertainers, and creators

    • Interviewed by Our Turn to Talk podcast hosts

    • Livestreams where YOU can ask the questions

  • Safer chats on secured and encrypted Our Turn to Talk Discord channels

  • Merch discounts 

  • IRL events and experiences

  • Official Our Turn to Talk content creation opportunities

z-Chat Token

With each video you watch, podcast episode you listen to, or activity you do, you can collect a ZChat Token. These ZChat Tokens are your key to insider content and experiences in the ZChat content hub.


Scan the QR at the end of the Our Turn to Talk documentary or go to the unique URL at the end of every podcast episode or YouTube mini-sode. 


You’ll be able to create your own private wallet to hold all of your ZChat Tokens. You don’t need anything but your email address to create and access your wallet.


Open your wallet

to see the exclusive rewards you’ve earned!


Check out other cool content

and experiences you can unlock and what you can do to access them!

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