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Here's what people are saying about Our Turn To Talk. . .

“Our Turn To Talk authentically elevates the perspectives of youth and young adults to influence the mental health conversation, while communicating to teens everywhere that their story matters and can save lives."

- ALISON MALMON, Founder and Executive Director, Active Minds

“Our Turn To Talk is a powerful call to times heartbreaking and at times hope-filled. It's being released into a world that truly needs it. There is so much to learn from these brave teens and parents."

- PAM N. (High School Counselor)

“Our Turn To Talk is a ground-breaking documentary for GenZ. There's more and more evidence that storytelling is connected to better mental health outcomes and that storytelling really can save lives. It's a must-watch film to help start this important conversation in our homes, classrooms and communities."

- JENNIFER MARSHALL, Co-Founder, This Is My Brave

“Such a big part of our world as school counselors is how much we help students with coping. And that's why I love this film because it really gives them a head start... "

- DEIRDRA HAWKES, Director of Programs and Advocacy, American School Counselor Association

“Amazing film - so important, so timely. Anyone who knows teenagers needs to see this."

- NICOLE, Parent of 4 teens

Here's what other High School Counselors are saying:


“This is incredibly powerful. I am a high school counselor and my department struggles with breaking down the stigma all the time. It is REAL. I so appreciate this movie using youth voices and youth stories."


"The film is beautiful and brilliantly done. It should be incorporated into schools."

"I'm so excited that this documentary is out there."

"THIS IS EXCELLENT.  I am bringing it to our school."

"Our Turn to Talk shows us that it is not a sign of weakness or personal failure to talk about our mental health issues. This is a crisis that can’t be ignored and we all need to pay attention to those struggling around us to support one another. No one deserves to suffer in silence."

-Sharon Shapiro, Trustee and Community Liaison, Ruderman Family Foundation

"The film really captures the current state of teen mental health, and how story sharing has the impact to eliminate stigma and save lives."

-Kevin Puskaric, Program Director, YOUTH MOVE PA

"We are very selective about who we choose to partner with. The litmus test for me always is: Would this have helped my son Kyle? And with OUR TURN TO TALK that answer is, Yes."

-Jim Johnson, President of KyleCares founded in memory of his son 

OUR TURN TO TALK is co-produced by Principle Pictures and WETA and is inspired by This is My Brave, an organization that uses performing arts to fight stigma around mental health challenges and addiction, founded by Jennifer Marshall.

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Special thanks to our clinical advisors Kyaien O. Conner, PhD, LSW, MPH and Tammy George, MSW, LCSW. Theme music by Merel & Tony. Additional music by Anthony Barilla.

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