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Episode 1: Storytelling Saves Lives (Anastasia’s Brave)

Our Host, 18-year-old Anastasia Vlasova opens Season One by sharing her own mental health story and why she’s so passionate about starting this podcast. From her internship with This Is My Brave, Inc. (TIMB), to starting her freshman year at New York University, Anastasia understands how mental health affects her generation, and she’s ready to do something about it. She’s especially motivated by new research by Dr. Kristin Kosyluk, director of the Stigma Action Research Lab at the University of South Florida, about how storytelling saves lives. You’ll also meet This Is My Brave co-founder Jennifer Marshall and learn about the impact that the organization has had on breaking down stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an eating disorder, help is available through the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA). If you are in a crisis situation, please text STORY to 741741 to be connected with a crisis counselor at Crisis Text Line.

Season 1 of Our Turn to Talk is produced by Principle Pictures in partnership with This Is My Brave, Inc.. The podcast includes content from the WETA Well Beings Youth Mental Health Project. This season is made possible by generous donations from The Hershey Company, Janssen, Rose-Marie van Otterloo, The Risa Fund, and a dedicated anonymous donor.

Special thanks to our clinical advisors Kyaien O. Conner, PhD, LSW, MPH and Tammy George, MSW, LCSW. Theme music by Merel & Tony. Additional music by Anthony Barilla.


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